4 Easy Tips To Pack Your Bag For Travel

If you’re like me and struggle to pack your bag for travel, without packing the kitchen sink, you’ll love these 4 easy tips that I share.

Hot Tip #1: Plan – Know what it is you’re going to be doing and where you’ll be doing it. Think about the environment and the occasion. Will you be going to business meetings, out for dinner, to the gym? We can’t plan for every little thing that we might do but usually we have a good idea so use this information to think about what you’ll need.

Hot Tip #2: Create Your Outfits – Once you have a clear plan, you can then pull your outfits together along with accessories and shoes so you don’t forget anything. So often I’ve been caught out without the pants to go with the 20 tops I have. Putting the outfits together before you pack can save ‘bottomless’ embarrassment.

Hot Tip #3: Travel-sized Toiletries – I love being able to pack my toiletries without raiding the bathroom cabinet for my ‘at home’ stuff. It saves time and if you’ve got travel-sized containers, you’ll also save precious space in your bag. If you travel a lot, like I do, get yourself some compact toiletries or transfer from the bigger containers in smaller ones.

Hot Tip #4: Containers for Jewellery – I love little plastic containers or zip-lock bags that can carry my small pieces of jewellery so they don’t get lost or tangled in my bag. Super simple and cheap as chips!

There you have, 4 easy tips to make packing a breeze! If you have some great tips, I’d love to hear know what they are, just pop them in the comments below.

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