40 and Fabulous?

Does being 40 and fabulous come naturally for you? If you’re not there yet, don’t panic…it’ll happen! I remember running like the wind away from the ‘F’ word and anyone who mentioned celebrating my coming of age. As I approach another birthday, I look back at that time and wonder what was going on in my head and with my body…things were starting to head south and it felt like gravity had accelerated her hold on my youthful perkiness!

Of course you and I both know that the aging process is something we aren’t going to escape but we do have a choice about how we embrace it. Women grow more comfortable with themselves, they begin to take more risks and they invest more in themselves. But is this always the case?

Actually no. It is a time of change and change is uncomfortable. But moving into this new phase you begin to discover life through a new set of eyes. You have a choice to ignore being 40 and beyond or embrace it head on. I chose to wrap my arms around it and skip down the road alongside my forty-ness and I can honestly say that I have never felt better or looked better at any other time in my life.

Turning 40 was horrendous but life after 40 is amazing.¬†Which is why I am delighted to announce my next events which are focused specifically on how to create a look that’ll have you feeling and looking fabulous at 40 and beyond. I want to celebrate being 40+ with you, over a glass of bubbles of course!

Find out more information here and if you have any questions email me at support@leannemulcahy.com

Leanne x

P.S. As a special treat, when you purchase a ticket you’ll not only have a great night but you’ll also go into the draw to WIN a Wardrobe Makeover valued at $499.00!

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