6 Ways To Keep Cool and Professional In Summer

There is something visually disturbing about seeing someone who is about to pass out from heat exhaustion. Not because they’ve run a marathon in the burning sun but because they’ve decided to suit up and suck it up in the name of professional business style.

Whilst I’m all for having a professional image there is a line in the sand that needs to be drawn to help you avoid sweating your pants off.

Feeling comfortable in summer can be challenging but if you follow these 6 simple tips, you’ll not only remain cool you’ll be as stylish as ever, no matter how much it’s heating up outside:

No. 1 – It’s good to go flat…
In heat, feet swell especially if you’re on you’re on your feet during the day. Flats are not only comfortable, they are IN and that means there are so many colours and styles to choose from. Take a look at some of these options on how to wear flats every day.

If you just can’t bring yourself to wear flats, try an open toe heel…at least there’ll be a little breathing space for your trotters.

No.2 – Let it breathe…
Synthetic fabrics are made from plastic (not that inspiring when you’re sweating it out) which means they don’t have the capacity to let the air flow through like natural fibre does. Here’s an example of a linen top and wide pant that’s not only super stylish for the office, but cool too! Opt for fabrics such as linen, cotton, merino wool, bamboo to keep you cool and absorb moisture.



No.3 – Loosen up…
When you’re hot and sticky, tight fitting clothes can be very uncomfortable. Try loosening up the fit to allow the air to circulate around your body. Even if you like a more structured look, clothing that is a little less fitted will help save you for falling into a heap at the end of each day.
Pic 4


No.4 – Lose the sleeves…
Many women aren’t excited at the thought of showing off their arms but the less fabric touching your body, the cooler you shall be. If you’re not keen on your upper arm, opt for ¾ length to give you some breathing space, otherwise try a sleeveless version of a shirt or dress.


No. 5 – One hit wonder…
Throwing on a dress is easy and there’s very little thinking involved in one item of clothing. This is the perfect dress, with a short sleeve, a bit of movement in the fabric and a pair of open-toe heels to tie it all together. If you like a more structured style, try a shift-style dress in a linen or soft merino wool.


No. 6 – Stay hydrated…
It may be obviously but it’s the most important tip I want to share with this. Check out Melissa Harrison shares 13 Easy Ways to Drink More Water.


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