Adventures of the traveling kind

Day 6 of my 30 day writing challenge and I’m sitting in the lounge at Changi Airport waiting to board a flight to Milan, before heading to our destination in Barcelona. It’s 12.25am (New Zealand time) and 8.24pm here in Singapore. I haven’t been to sleep yet which is interesting for someone who is usually in bed by 8.30pm…I’m 4 hours past my curfew so anything could happen i.e. this could be my worst blog post yet!

There is something very exciting about travelling. Experiencing different cultures, hearing new languages and trying out different foods. Speaking of food, my lovely man-friend arranged for the airline to provide me with vegetarian meals (I’m not vegetarian, in fact I could be called a Raw/Vegan/Vegetarian/White Meat Eater/Lover of Beautiful Food kinda gal) and if you’ve tasted them on a flight you’ll know that it’s about as drab as wearing black to a funeral.

Food aside we had a great flight, even when the plane came in to land and decided to pull up again (“WTF is the landing gear broken!” was my initial thought) before going in for a second and successful landing.

Planes are great to test human resilience. Cramped spaces, maneuvering around in tiny loos, the babies who cry and the parents who do all they can to stop them and the cramped spaces (did I mention those already?). By the end of the flight people look like they’ve been dragged through a gorse bush backwards (I never used to know what that meant when I was growing up but my mum used it all the time whenever we looked messy and disheveled).

So as I sit here, sleepily typing and sipping on mint tea, I feel very blessed to be having this adventure, cramped spaces and crappy meals included. Adventures come in all shapes and sizes and I believe they are the experiences that shape us and our lives.

What’s your next adventure? Where would you like to go or what would you like to do?

Until Barcelona then…(slightly jet lagged I’d imagine!)

L xx






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