Boobs, boobs, glorious boobs! by Leanne Mulcahy

They’re everywhere you look…little ones, big ones, perky ones…not so perky ones!  But how often do think about supporting your lovely mounds to make sure they are given the best outlook?  Did you know that between 60-80% of women are wearing a bra that doesn’t fit or support them well?

Regardless of the size of your beautiful boobs they need you to provide the correct support and that means taking a moment to get up close and personal with a mirror.  If you need any convincing take a look at these very interesting titbits:

  • The right bra can make you look slimmer – seriously who wouldn’t want instant weight loss without exercise or dieting
  • The right bra can give you a lift without surgery – if you’re a mum who’s breastfed beautiful babies or you’re a woman who is noticing some tell-tale signs that you’re no longer 20, you’ll be excited to know that a great bra will give you lift, shape and help improve your posture
  • Breast pain – a study was undertaken to show that 76% of breast pain was alleviated just by wearing a proper fitting bra
  • Clothes are designed to fit boobs – there is a special part included in the design of garments to cater for your chest. If you want your clothes to fit well, get the right bra!

Are you getting the picture here?  Your bra is the foundation of your outfit.  If you get your bra right you have a great base to build on.  If you think however, that because no one sees it it’s not important, then read the above bullet points.

How do you know if you’re wearing the right bra or not? There are some simple ways to tell:

  • Does it ride up at the back? If your back strap is sitting up by your shoulder blades imagine where your boobs are sitting in the front (maybe closer to your waist)
  • Are your cups overflowing? If your cups are over-filled then it’s possible that you’ll be mistaken for having four boobs instead of two…and let’s face it…who wants four boobs when you could have two glorious ones
  • Is there actually any elasticity left? If you have no strap adjustment left but still some hoisting to do, then chances are your bra has worn out its welcome in your lingerie draw

Is your bra the right size?

If you’re confused by all this bra-talk then the simplest way to get the right bra is to go to a lingerie or department store who specialise in bra fitting.  It can be difficult to fit yourself so having someone wrap their tape measure around you and give you guidance on the best styles of bra to suit you and your lifestyle will take away the challenge of going it alone.  It does mean getting personal with your bra specialist though, so be prepared for a little exposure.

Once you’ve found yourself some much needed support, it’s important to take good care of your new bras.  Washing them in the washing machine breaks down the elasticity so hand washing is best, or a lingerie bag on a gentle wash.  If you can’t be bothered with that, take them in the shower with you and give them a gentle rinse and hang them over the shower or lie them flat to dry.  Forget hanging them on the line with pegs as this can tear the fabric and cause all sorts of calamities in the wind.

Remember ladies – you deserve as much support as you can get and this is a great way to invest in yourself and your wardrobe.

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