Clear out your closet

I love this time of year. It brings a sense of new beginnings and there’s a freshness in the air (or is it pollen that’s making me sneeze…I can’t really tell) anyway there’s a freshness that makes me just want to jump up and down with excitement (and I do on our trampoline much to the horror of the neighbours, the neighbours dog or any onlooker for that matter…FYI when you bounce on a trampoline it makes all your wobbly bits wobble…I love it!).

Anyway back to new beginnings and getting fresh together.

The first thing you need to do whenever your clothes are feeling lifeless and limp is clean out your closet.

I know your type, you’re eyes are rolling back in your head or you’re mentally yelling at me (or out loud) that you’re too B.U.S.Y. right?

But what if I promised you a reward for clearing out the crap, the clutter, the secret purchases, the shameful sale items and the museum pieces…would you be interested?

Hah! I knew I could get your attention.

The reward is (drum roll please)……MORE TIME.

Oh yes, it’s every sane woman’s dream isn’t it? To have more time. Imagine what you could do with MORE TIME!!!

You could fly to the moon, write a book, shop more (just kidding), do something for yourself, do something for others, lay on the floor, read a book, comb your hair, run around the house naked….OMG the choices are endless!

You’ve wandered off into imagination land haven’t you? Come back to me for a moment, I promise this won’t take long.

If you like that Twitter thing…Tweet this: When you clear the clutter from you closet, you clear the chaos from you mind. #notestoself

And if MORE TIME doesn’t do it for you, how about SAVING MONEY?

Yes that other thing that gets you tied up in knots sometimes…M.O.N.E.Y. When you clear out your closet, you’ll also save money.

In fact, I know that my 7 Days to Detox Your Closet programme is so good, you probably won’t need to shop for a while, unless you want to of course. Either way I’m really really good at showing you how to save money and how to spend well (without having to shop boring and buy sales).


So if MORE TIME and MORE MONEY sound remotely exciting to you (if it doesn’t please check your pulse now…I’m not sure you’re breathing!) then I invite you to join me on this fun little jaunt for 7 days as I guide you step by step to Detox Your Closet.

Come on now, I know you want to. Click here (it’s painless I promise!)

Got a comment or a question about the 7 Day Detox Your Closet – Online Programme? Great…just pop it below and I shall answer straight away (or not depending on how my bouncing is going!).

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