When did clothes become so complicated?

You know that feeling when you pull open the door to your wardrobe and you’re trying to decide what to wear for the day. It’s that sinking feeling that ties your stomach in a knot as you snatch and grab at anything that will get you through the day.

When did clothes become so complicated?

Do you remember when choosing what to wear was easy? You could pull anything out and know that you would look and feel great. You didn’t even have to think about it, it all seemed so simple and you were so sure that getting dressed was a breeze.

So why the change? Why now are your clothes feeling like they don’t belong to you? Like someone’s played a mean trick on you and put another women’s clothes in your wardrobe, just to stress you out.

How much time do you spend thinking about how you look, about what to wear, and listening to that little nagging voice that’s saying something isn’t right here?

You’ll be surprised to know that there are many women throughout the world who are worrying about their appearance on a daily basis. They feel powerless and if their inner critic is a well oiled machine, it’s likely that they’ll continue to feel that way.

So why? Why do women lose their way in the style department?

Well it’s not just the style department, in fact style is usually the last thing on the list. Mostly it is that they’ve lost confidence and forgotten about self-care and self-love.

Wardrobe meltdowns can be triggered by any change in our life circumstances whether that’s relationships beginning or ending, a new baby, children leaving home, a promotion, or retirement. Any number of things can alter our perception of who we are.

Which is why “Who am I?” is a simple but powerful question to ask yourself. You might not like the answers initially but when change comes knocking, this question is standing right behind it waiting to be answered.

Take some time to think about who you are, what inspires you, what makes life great for you and what’s not so great. Start to formulate an idea of how you want to show up each day.

Only when you begin to explore these questions will you gain clarity and confidence around your style. It’s one of the first exercises I do in my workshops and when I work one on one with clients and it’s an exercise in taking your power back so that clothes and getting dressed each day become less and less overwhelming.

What’s your answer? Who are you today?

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