Create Your Signature Look with Colour

Everywhere you look there it is; colour in varying hues, depth and clarity. Imagine a world without colour, what a very bland world it would be. However when it comes to clothing you’d think the world had gone quite mad when you see masses of women, void of colour, unless of course you consider black a colour.

Sure black can be slimming (if the style of clothes fit you well) and it can be gorgeous and elegant but did you know that black can also suck the life out of you? Colour forms an integral part in creating your signature look and when it’s team up with the perfect fit you can quickly turn ‘Joe Average’ into a knock-out.Create your signature look Leanne Mulcahy

Colour can be complex which is why I’m often asked “What colours should I wear?” by women who are confused by what colours will suit them best. If you’re wondering what the answer is, then let me tell you this, you can wear any colour you like BUT there are three very important things to be aware of first:

1. Your own colour scheme
2. The undertone of the colour
3. Where on your body you will wear colour

We all have our own personalised colour scheme. You just need to take a look in the mirror and you can see it. Look at your eyes for example, the iris can host a myriad of colours, each one a personalised colour that you can wear. Your skin, your hair, your freckles, your lips, in fact your entire body gives you insight into what colours will best suit you as does your personality and colours you are intuitively drawn to. It’s your own easy to follow colour palette that so often we ignore.

There are two undertones that define a colour. They are yellow-based (warm) and blue-based (cool). If we understand our skin, hair and eye colour then one or the other will suit us better. Here’s an example below:


If you wear colour next to your face, you will need to understand the top two points before you can get this one right. If in doubt there is a very easy and quick way to tell if a colour is right for you. In the natural light, hold the colour up to your face. Does it make you look sick or does it give you a lift? Colour is reflected upwards when it is worn next to your face and fairly quickly you can tell if it’s right for you.

Remember to use your mirror,  it’s an inexpensive and essential tool that can save you hundreds of dollars. Look in it, study your own personal colour scheme and use this as your navigator.

Do you struggle to find colour in your wardrobe or does colour feature boldly? I’d love to hear your comments…just put them below!

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