Define Your Style

What sets apart those who always look immaculately put-together and those who look like they’ve be dragged through a bush backwards?

The secret lies in two words ‘style definition‘. Defining your style is the key to stepping out and looking your fabulous best every day.

Have you ever suffered from the frustrating ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ days? It can hit you in the head when you least expect it – or should I say, when you have the least amount of time!

Women constantly struggle with finding a style that suits them and mostly it’s because they haven’t defined a style that is unique to them.

It’s time ladies, to kick 2013 right in the butt and define or redefine a style that works for you. Here are the first 4 ‘must do’ steps, you can start working on today, that will begin you on your journey towards creating the most fabulous you!

Create Your Style File. It’s time to get creative and have some fun.  Buy yourself  a file folder or ring binder – this is a great way to collect your ideas while you’re working through each step. Your Style File  will become your go-to guide and it’s a good idea, if you want to keep it handy, to match it with your decor so that it’s readily accessible but doesn’t look out of place; it’s just like having your own personal stylist, except it’s less vocal, and it’s a great tool if you’re stuck or just in need of some clarity around what’s important to you and what makes you feel good.

What Are Your Headline Acts. We’re well into 2013 and there is no better time to focus on what you want to achieve this year – whether it’s starting a new career, losing weight, start exercising, slowing down, whatever inspires you to leap (or gingerly step) out of bed each day, create a page dedicated to your Headline Acts. These Headline Acts are your drivers from here on in and they will help define or redefine your style.

What’s Important To You. Do you long to get home at the end of the day and slip on your old faithful track pants? If you answered yes, then I’m pretty certain that you’re a woman who loves all clothing that is comfortable..right? And I’m also certain that it’s important for you to feel comfortable whether you’re at work, exercising, or tumbling with the kids on the floor? If this sounds like you, make sure comfort is at the top of your list as your No. 1 priority.

How You Want To Feel. Is it sexy, bold, confident or is it refreshed, beautiful, renewed, and healthy? Connecting how you feel with your Headline Acts is one of the most important steps to defining your style. If you don’t feel confident it will show on the outside regardless of what you are wearing.

Defining your style is a ‘work in progress’ – take action and commit to putting  time aside to do these 4 ‘must do’ steps over the next two weeks

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