Dressing Your Personality

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by the fun and vivacious Angela Raspass (a fellow Kiwi gal who lives in Australia). We had a great discussion about style, self-worth and confidence…click here to listen

WEB Ep 12 YNCP Dress for Your Personality with Leanne Mulcahy

“My guest this week, lovely Leanne Mulcahy, speaks the wholehearted truth – “Whatever you’re wearing, if you’re not feeling good about who you are when you look in the mirror and think, “Am I worthy of showing up?”, it’s going to be really tough to actually dress that body of yours. That’s why I always start from the inside and work my way out with clients whenever I work with them”.

Self-worth, that topic shows up all over the place doesn’t it? That’s why it’s at the core of my own Next Chapter message! It cuts across everything we do and never more so than when it comes to our personal style, creating a style that is aligned with who we are, so we can show up in the world with authenticity and confidence.

Leanne talks of the “dressing for your personality philosophy”, letting go of the idea that there are strict style rules to follow and instead, to explore what the woman you have become today wants to express.”

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