Expect all that you want

The first thing to do when you arrive in a new country is dump your bags and go and find some food. Food has been a highlight of our trip so far (it’s not the extra luggage weight I’ll be concerned about…if you know what I mean!).

However when you have limited knowledge of the local language there’s always the chance that you’ll order something that doesn’t compliment your pallet.

I’ll forgive you if you laugh your head off at what I’m about to tell you that ended up on my plate. It wasn’t the more traditional escargot or frog legs, it was raw minced beef. I cannot remember the last time I ate beef (at least two decades ago) so you can imagine my surprise when I took a mouthful of what looked like minced tomatoes. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I was scooping the pretend tomato off my plate and onto my meat-eating companions whilst trying to hold myself together.

But not all was lost. I took my pallet for a walk along the Boulevard and together we discovered the chocolate boutique. It seems the people of Pau are artisans when it comes to chocolate and this makes me very happy.

I figure for every occasion that doesn’t go as planned there is always something better coming…when you expect it. But that’s not what I’ve always thought.

I have been told by many people that perhaps my expectations were too high. In fact I remember a conversation with a friend who thought my expectations of the kind of relationship I wanted were too high and that was why I had remained single after many years.

Interesting isn’t it. Other people’s expectations are that you’re expectations are too high when really this is only a reflection of the expectations they have for themselves.

I decided many years ago to take a stance on expectations. We need to all expect to have what we want otherwise why would we bother. How would life be if we always settled for what others expect us to settle for?

Expect to enjoy each day. Expect to met the man of your dreams. Expect to be successful. Expect to live a life of fun and happiness. Expect, expect, expect and then expect some more.

It’s your right as a human being to expect all that you want and more and if anyone ever asks if you’re setting your expectations too high…you tell them you deserve to live the life that you want…and then go and find some chocolate!

Sending you amour from France,
L xx

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