Going With The Flow

Day 5 of my 30 Day Writing Challenge. Woohoo! I’m soooo feeling good, I can do this! CONFESSION it’s actually 6am on Day 6, I missed a day but you know it’s my challenge and I’m making up the rules as I go!

It’s a bit like life isn’t it? You plan for one thing yet as you move through the day you notice things you’ve intended to do get bumped and replaced with things that are out of your control.

This is the beauty of life. How we move with it is what causes us to experience joy, happiness and calm or resistance, pain, unhappiness.

Over the weekend I’ve spent time with my grandbabes. They are a constant reminder that life isn’t this fast moving, get things done, urgent thing to be doing. They want you to sit, play and imagine the unimaginable.

EXCEPT when you are 8 months old, starving and want to be fed a bottle at 1.30am that your grandmother is preparing with one hand while trying to soothe you with the other…but she’s made it too hot and is trying to cool it and soothe you at the same time. Then your sister gets up to see what all the fuss is about and we have to put her back to bed and shove a bottle in your mouth at the same time (yes….true story!).

Bless the mothers and fathers in the land!!!! Holy sh#t! I was a little out of practice…the one handed juggling, the balancing of a bottle that spilt and the slip up that caused Miss Memphis-Rose to say “Nanny you said a bad word”…oh the cover up after that one!

It was a fun night that really deserved to be made into a full length movie…in fact I think it has….Bad Moms comes to mind!

But on reflection of this little early morning rendezvous with my grandbabes, I’ll admit that I felt a little chaotic but mostly I felt calm. I recognised that calmness was essential if we were all going to make it out alive. A little go with the flow goes a long way when it comes to children, those little people can sniff out an amateur in a heartbeat!

With heavy heart, I left my wee babes, gently released back into the care of their parents as I made my journey back home, marvelling at how incredibly blessed I am to have them in my life.

Now for the next adventure. My bags is almost packed and I’m getting ready to hit the runway today. Stay tuned.

Leanne x

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