Hate shopping? Get swapping!

For the first time in my life, I was invited to a Clothes Swap Party!

Before I tell you about how excited I was to be invited, I want to explain what a Clothes Swap Party is if you’ve never heard of it before.

It goes like this:

  • You clear out your wardrobe, drawers, accessories, shoes etc etc.
  • You gather together a group of friends and/or acquaintances
  • You each take something to drink and nibble on
  • You put all the stuff in together (or hang it up…no hard fast rules here)
  • You choose things you like and try them on to make sure they fit
  • You take them home (the clothes not the people)
  • Whoop, you’ve got yourself new clothes at no cost and you’ve had a damn good night out at the same time


It’s one of the things I encourage women to do, especially after they’ve been along to my Detox Your Closet Workshop and are concerned about the cost of replacing or filling up their closet again.

It costs nothing but a little time and energy to get yourself along or organise your own party.

I’m an advocate for clearing the clutter from your closet (and drawers and anywhere else you store, stash or hide clothes and accessories) and the benefits of doing so are far greater than removing a few old bits and pieces (think freeing up your energy, saving time, feeling liberated…the list goes on and on).

Which is why when I received an invite to go along to a Clothes Swap Party (I never get invited to these things because it can be a little intimidating to have an Image Coach at your party) over the weekend, I jumped at the chance. No one knew me or what I did (yep it was an undercover stealth assignment) except my darling friend who knew that I was in need of a girls night out.

I merrily took along my contribution and enjoyed a fantastic night with a wonderful group of ladies. We all left with new treasures (mine included a blazer that had never been worn and a magenta scarf with sparkles which I adore), some more than others but everyone of us left with something that we wanted, that fitted and that we felt good in.

So, now that I have my own experience of clothes swapping, I would encourage you to get a group of friends together at least once and see how you like it. It’s such a great way of adding new things to your wardrobe without spending any money and it’s particularly useful if you hate shopping.

Here’s some tips to ensure you’re prepared:

  • Wear some good underwear (you’ll be trying clothes on)
  • Dress in comfortable clothes (as above, you’ll be trying things on)
  • Go with an open mind
  • Be prepared to let go (know that your pre-loved items are going to be loved by someone else)
  • Wash your stuff (no one wants to try on something that’s been sitting on the bottom of your wardrobe)

Besides why would you pass up an opportunity to spend an evening with great women, great conversation, fun and laughter…not to mention food and wine!

Got a tip for us? Share your best tips for clothes swapping below.

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