Help! I’ve got nothing to wear! by Leanne Mulcahy

Help! I have nothing to wear!

Are there days when you look in your wardrobe and announce with despair to anyone within hearing distance… “I have nothing to wear!’?  On closer inspection, your loved ones could be forgiven for thinking you’ve lost your marbles or perhaps it’s time for a visit to the optometrist because as far as they can see you have piles of clothing blatantly staring you, and them, in the face.

This condition (also fondly referred to as a disorder, illness, complaint, ailment, or state) is not one to be scoffed at – it can be frustrating as hell, it causes stress and can send you out the door with debilitating ‘bad-hair days’ if you don’t get it sorted quickly.  The good news is, there is a solution, but rather than just treating the symptoms and covering up with a big sack, addressing the cause is the only way to deal with this.  Mostly, this condition is a reflection of the confused state you find yourself in when your style has veered off course or in some cases…it’s completely left the building.

The first step is to take a deep breath and decide to take action. 

The start of the year is a great time for de-cluttering and re-organising and this is your best defence against ‘bad-hair days and with that said, there’s no better place to start than the place that is creating all the angst, your wardrobe.  Now climbing a mountain may seem like a more fun option right now but with a little perseverance, I promise you, you’ll feel lighter and be able to clearly see what you have, what you don’t and whether you actually like what you’ve got…in other words…does your style match who you are now. 

OK, are you ready?

It’s time to dive in and make some calculated decisions about what to keep and what to toss.  If this all feels a bit much, it’s a great idea to call in a trusted friend or a bottle of bubbles and some chocolates to help you through.

Create a TOSS and MEND pile.

If you answer NO to any of these questions, put it in the TOSS pile:

  • Does it suit me?
  • Is it the right size?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Does it represent the image I want to portray?

If you answer YES to all of these questions,

  • Does it suit me?
  • Is it the right size?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Does it represent the image I want to portray?
  • Is it in perfect condition and if not, can it be mended? (Put it in the MEND pile and take it to be mended)

Congratulations! The hard part is done and now it’s time to reorganise your wardrobe.  There are many ways to organise your wardrobe and below I’ve outlined some simple ideas.  Remember it’s about you, so make sure what goes back in is easily accessible and is organised in a way that works for you.

  • Group like items together – skirts with skirts, jackets with jackets and so on
  • Within each group put like colours together – white shirts with white shirts, bright shirts with bright shirts and black shirts with black shirts.
  • Start hanging – hang anything that will wrinkle to save you from ironing it.  Dresses, skirts, pants and blouses should all be on hangers
  • Fold and stack your t-shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, workout pants and tops together on shelves or in drawers.
  • If you’re short on space, transparent shoe boxes can be easily stacked and you can see what’s inside.
  • Line up handbags on a shelf where they’re easily accessible.
  • Use jewelry trays to organise your jewelry in a drawer or use a hanging jewelry organiser.
  • Belts and scarves can be hung or put into a drawer depending on the space available.
  • Box up your TOSS items and either sell them or give them to charity or friends and family.

Make a list of the items that you need to fill the gaps so when you go shopping you’ll be saving money and time.

And that my lovely should have you well on your way to reclaiming the gorgeous you.

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