What to do when you hit a brick wall

Last week I hit a brick wall. After arriving back in my home town, I got sick.

So sick that I could barely make myself a cup of tea before having to crawl back into bed to sleep. And sleep I did. I believe I may have freaked out my amazing step-dad who came into my room periodically with a torch, to make sure I was still alive, bless his heart.

I knew that my getting sick was an obvious reflection of what I had going on in my life. I had been getting the signals but thought I had everything under control (hysterical laughter is not allowed at this point).

Isn’t that always the way? We think we have it all under control and BAM! something gets in our way….like a damn brick wall!

But rather than kick and scream the frustration out of the brick wall, I embraced it. Weirdest thing I’ve done in a while…embraced being sick…especially when I’m more of the ‘chomping-at-the-bit’ kinda gal who’s just wanting to get over it so I can move onto something way more exciting.

Funniest thing happened though. Apart from the dream where my man-friend was riding a bike down the street, shirtless, while sprinkling rose petals over pretty girl’s heads (I know right…funny!) I was hit with a bunch of divine downloads (for those of you who are a little squeamish when it comes to the spiritual happenings of the universe, that’s code for ideas, answers to questions etc).

The main points were:

  1. Keep things simple (for goodness sake)
  2. Have more fun (waaaay tooo serrriousssss!)
  3. Nobody cares if you’re not on Facebook every day (refer #1 and 2)
  4. You are not here to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders (find the right support)
  5. Take the path of least resistance (aka there is nothing wrong with EASY)

These may seem simple but they are the things that I talk, teach and encourage women to embrace. There is nothing like being smacked in the face with your own stuff, but hey I’m sure there is a lesson in here for us all.

While we are doing our very best, it’s inevitable that we’ll be faced with our own version of a brick wall and when we are, it’s important to acknowledge not only the wall but the messages that are brought with it.

Because one thing I know for sure is, that if you don’t, they’ll continue to bite you on your bottom until you do. Take notice of your brick walls. Listen for the messages. Acknowledge them both as gifts.

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