Hot Tips For Shopping On A Budget by Leanne Mulcahy

How many times have you bought clothing only to find that when you get them home it doesn’t actually suit you or go with anything else that you have in your wardrobe?

Once, twice…or maybe more often than you’d like to remember?  If the thought of how much you’ve spent on items of clothing, footwear or accessories is difficult to think about, I bet you’ll be pretty happy to discover there is a solution. Now, without dwelling too much on these oversight and without removing the fun-factor from shopping, here are some handy little tips that’ll not only save you money but ensure you look fabulously stylish regardless of your budget.

Plan a little ahead…
Take a peek inside your wardrobe and decide what you need to fill the gaps, replace or to add a new dimension to your style.  If you’re shopping for a specific item e.g. a new jacket to go with a dress, take the dress with you – it’s much easier to match colour and style when you try it on.

Beware of the mighty sale…
Tempted as you may be to shop during sale time this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll save money, in fact this can be when you are at your most vulnerable and as any good retail business will know, they’ll be waiting to swipe your card and send you home with as many packages as they can.

Go for classics….
Opt for good quality timeless pieces instead of the latest trends.  Trends are for fashionistas in their 20’s.  Style is for real women.  Creating combinations of outfits by stocking up on classic pieces such as pants, skirts, blazers or dresses is an easy way of extending your wardrobe.

Buy only what you need…
If you shop during a sale there is a tendency to buy clothing just because it’s been marked down.  Make sure that it’s on your list (yes that’s right, head back to your plan) of pieces that you need to complete your wardrobe.  Women are generally emotional shoppers, we shop when we are happy, we shop when we are sad or we shop when we just need a little ‘hit’ and this is when we are at our most vulnerable and a SALE is a great way to make you think you are getting a bargain.

Try before you buy…
If it doesn’t suit your proportions then put it back. What does that mean?  It means that knowing what shape you are (curvy or straight or a bit of both) you’ll be armed with the key ingredients for buying the right style and fit for you.  Buying items that suit you and in the right colour range are the keys to making great investments.  

Accessories will save you money…
You can create dozens of different looks just by adding some new accessories.  Scarves, gloves, hats, tights and jewellery are a cost effective ways to create new outfits and they can quickly and easily create a new look and become the focus of an outfit.

Clothing Swap Party…
Organise your friends to clean out their wardrobes and have a clothes swap party.  This is so much fun and you and your friends pick up new pieces for your wardrobes and get rid of pieces you don’t want all without spending any money!

Smart shopping will go a long way, so remember have a plan, buy quality classics pieces, add accessories and avoid the temptation of buying unnecessary items just because they are on sale so you don’t end up with wardrobe shame.

How do you shop on a budget?  I’d love you to share and leave a comment below!

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