I need proof!

I wrote a book. How do I know this? Well, the proof was delivered straight to my door. It even had PROOF stamped on the inside of the book (take a look below).


Each time I look at my book I get really excited. Not because it’s the best book in the world (who knows though maybe it’ll knock 50 Shades of Gray off the best-seller list!) but purely because it’s proof of my ability to turn an idea into reality.

This book started out as an idea to share my story with women around the world. I didn’t start out knowing how or what format this was going to take, I just knew with all my heart that this was what I wanted and I was excited about doing it. That’s it.

This is how it went from there:

  • I got the idea to write a book (mostly these ideas come when I’m taking a shower…don’t ask it’s just how it happens)
  • I didn’t know how to write a book but suddenly the tools and information I needed came my way
  • I wrote the book
  • I had an idea to self-publish (again in the shower)
  • I didn’t know how to self-publish but everywhere I looked I found the tools and information I needed to do it
  • I wrote the book and self-published it all within 6 months

The moral of this story is this, there was no plan only a desire and a belief that I needed to share my story.

The path to writing my book unfolded before me, I never knew all the steps before I started out and if I had of, then it’s quite likely I wouldn’t have done it. It wasn’t just about seeing the book in the flesh that filled me with excitement but writing it, figuring out how to publish it, learning about myself during the process and believing even more in who I am that filled me with so much happiness.

Proof - Book Notes to Self

It turns out I love to write. I like to write as though you and I are having a chat over a coffee (with a scrumptious piece of cake of course) and that’s exactly how it’s been received. I’ve blown myself away 🙂

Here’s what I know to be true; anyone can write a book, but first you need one thing. BELIEF. Yes, belief. Not writing skills, not publishing skills, not creative skills, not anything except the pure belief in yourself that you can do it.

Whether you’re thinking about writing a book or you want something different or more in your life, believe that it is yours, expect to get it and get excited about having it before it shows up in the flesh.

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Before you go, tell me what you believed into reality? A relationship, a job, a healthy body, a book, a business, a compliment, a pay rise? Share and let’s inspire everyone to believe in themselves.


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