I write therefore I am a writer…right?

I must admit something to you right up front. As I write I am sitting in my Pink Gown…not the kind that is from a fairy tale (although I sometimes pretend it is) but the kind you throw over your naked body when you’ve dragged yourself out of bed.

I love my Pink Gown and even though I’ve been known to spew forth a few exquisite pieces of advice on clothing and style, I’ve decided to share with you this little secret about my own attire (a wee note…this is between you and I…my reputation is at stake you know!) that would leave even the most conscientious stylisty/imagey people squirming with disgust.

As I sit here in front of my laptop with a burning desire to write…something hits me (in between the cat whining at the door to be let in). I need to write. I love to write. But I haven’t been writing so much lately.

WHY? You might join me in asking myself this question, would I not be writing, when it is something that I absolutely love to do!

Well…funny thing is, this morning as I lay in my bed (warning another confession coming your way) I was watching a VLOG of a very well-known entrepreneur (sorry can’t share names but starts with C and ends in E). She’s been recording a video each day for 30 days and even though I love her I couldn’t help but feel panic rising as I listened to her talking about everything she had to do.

HANG ON A MINUTE (I was silently yelling at her face) you’re supposed to have it all together, not be working through the night to finish an email launch….what gives lady!

I always find it a little disappointing when you discover your super hero is just a real person too! Why is that?

Anywho I digress. What I know is that this wonderful woman is just like most of the women I meet (including the one I see in the mirror). Intelligent, capable, talented, genius, and super-duper bat-shit-crazy when it comes to doing it all.

Yup sorry to load that on you but aren’t we our own worst enemy?

I know that’s a true story, for me at least. Which is why I’m sitting in my deliciously cosy, soft, warm Pink Gown (you’re beginning to like the sound of my Pink Gown aren’t you?) at our dining table writing on my laptop, drinking tea and wondering if by magic, my unicorn will stop by, so we can go on an adventure together (OK the unicorn was a joke…the rest however…very true).

It turns out I’ve gotten myself into one of those ‘life-learning moments’ (they never stop they just vary in degree depending on how much attention we’re paying) where I’ve been sick for the past 3 weeks (let’s just say I’ve spent more time than usual with my head in a toilet) and it’s all stemmed from loading myself up with too much crappola! (that’s code for crap, stuff I’ve made up, more crap etc etc)

I had been chasing my tail (confession no. 200945666), I knew this so I started to shift my focus and gain some clarity to release the valve. But you know what happens when you start to dig a little deeper and begin to address the stress and tension….yup that’s right the symptoms that have been kept at bay by your high voltage mode of operation (check out Dr Libby’s book Rushing Women’s Syndrome if you want to find out more on this subject) come delivering a message that say’s “Hey lady, we just want to make sure you’ve got the message…here’s a couple of vomiting bugs courtesy of your friend Overwhelm” before slapping you on the bum and disappearing.

Initially I thought what a piece of bad luck…two vomiting bugs one after another! But on reflection it made perfect sense. AHA!!! (as my dear friend Oprah would say).

Tomorrow. I shall write again.

In the meantime, here’s my very long drawn out purpose for writing this message (in my Pink Gown)…TAKE IT EASY!

More soon from the land of unicorns and Pink Gowns,

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  1. Serina on June 7, 2016 at 6:37 pm

    Love it xx

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