What to do when your ideas keep you awake

Do you ever wake in the small hours of the day and get bombarded with ideas? It happened to me this morning at approximately 2am. It’s now 7am. For the best part of 4 hours I lay in bed thinking about sleep, thinking about projects, thinking about what to write for my self-imposed writing challenge and when I wasn’t thinking I was reading about ageless goddesses (of course!).

I regard my active morning brain as a real treasure. I know what you’re thinking…she’s probably a crabby old bat by the end of the day (and you could be right) but those hours in the quiet of the morning are when the most brilliant ideas come knocking.

For example a title for an article “what to do when life throws you a curve ball” or for each 50 minutes I’m sitting on my butt today, I’ll take 10 minutes to get up and move (I need to move more) or chartering a boat for my women’s retreat at the end of the year.

I love these ideas. They’re good, pure and yet to be tainted by any self-doubt or involvement from others.

Don’t knock it if you’re woken up by an idea that’s itching to escape your head. Grab a pen and paper and write them down before they return to their hiding place. This will help you A) return to lala land and wake refreshed or B) let them glide around the room permeating so that when you do rise they are so solidified that you must do something about them.

Have you ever thought about how many ideas or inspiration hits you are receiving each and every day? I hope not…it’ll blow your mind. But it’s a lot, yet so many disregard these precious gifts as just another fickle thought or disbelieve them so they never become anything more than a passing thought.

I recall at a recent speaking engagement I met a women in her mid-50’s. She told me that she’d had an idea to start her own business and after hearing me speak she decided she was going to finally do it.

I love stories like that and I wish with all my heart that people wouldn’t wait until the kids leave home or the relationship falls to pieces or some other crisis hits to turn their ideas and dreams into reality, but oftentimes this is how it works out.

I get that it’s difficult to conceive taking on something else when you in it up to your eyeballs, but when there is such a desire within you to do something, to turn an idea into reality, and you ignore it, you will be utterly miserable until you do.

Ideas are the things you are being called to do, be and have by a power greater than your physical being. It is your responsibility to take care of them. Nurture them. Mull over them. Cosy up with them. And then fly with them (so at least you can get some sleep).

Good night,
L x

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