Are You Having a Mid-life Revolution?

Are you in the midst of a mid-life revolution?

If you are, things might feel a little bit unsettled for you right now. Regardless of what’s caused this jumbled mess of emotions, just know that you can take that so-called crisis and spin it on it ass.  Ladies having a revolution is now the new black!

So what does this mean? Simply put, revolutions occur when something in your life changes, that change leads to growth and transformation and as incredible and game-changing as it can be, sometimes it’s not so simple.

The reality is, you can get stuck and come to a complete halt as you journey along the bumpy, rivet-filled road where the change is occurring.  Why? Because it’s uncomfortable and unknown and your fear mechanism kicks in (or as I like to call it Doubtful Debbie & The Shi#ty Committee) and tells you it’s much safer and easier to stay where you are.  Have you heard the quote ‘If you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll always get the same result’.  So if you’re ready to face the challenge of change and embrace your revolution, here are some super easy ideas to get started and take care of yourself along the way…remember that stumbling, falling down and skinning your knees, or bawling your eyes out are all part of this revolutionary process…and it’s OK.

1. Write a list of big kick-ass goals: Set aside 30 minutes and without thinking about how, write a list of things that you’ve always wanted to do or things you want to change, what does your ultimate life look like? Now write 2-3 action steps for each one and start to schedule them in your calendar.

Write kick-ass goals

2. Reinvent your Style: Does your style reflect where you are or your vision for the future? If not, this is the perfect time to reassess how your image can uniquely represent you. Sure our bodies change, but this isn’t the time to give up on ourselves. This is your chance to get fired up about your new look. If you haven’t done it yet, I suggest taking a look at our Style Analysis, it’s a great starting point!

Style Profile Leanne Mulcahy

3. Breathe: Replenish your body with oxygen and CO2. Learning to breathe using your diaphragm has all sorts of lovely benefits and it doesn’t cost a cent! Breathe away stress, building your immunity, have more energy and the ability to fight infections and illness.

Just breath - Leanne Mulcahy

4. Get Moving: Move that beautiful body of yours. When was the last time you sucked in gorgeous, fresh air into your lungs? Any type of exercise counts, whether you love to dance around naked in your living room, do yoga, walk in nature or climb a mountain…spend at least 15 minutes 3 times a week to move your body!

mid-life revolution Leanne Mulcahy

5. Maintain your Asset: That’s you! You look after your house, your car, your family but how much time do you invest in yourself?  If you’re not happy and healthy, how can you be there for anyone else.  Teach the people you love the most, that when you cherish yourself, you empower them to do the same.

Maintain your asset - Leanne Mulcahy

Revolutions are a time to embrace the true essence of who you are, enjoy the journey and remember…you’ve got one shot at this life…make it the best life for you.

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