Offline vs Online – Where Does It End? by Leanne Mulcahy

Not so long ago, your image and personal brand only existed to those who knew you…in the flesh. Nowadays, your personal brand extends far and wide, particularly if you’ve delved into the online world. Your identity lives on search engines, social media sites, anywhere where your digital footprint has been.

This may feel a little uncomfortable if you’re someone who likes to keep your private life private and offline. However, the beauty of an online identity is that you control how much you share with your audience.

But just for a moment, think about how many times you’ve Googled someone before you meet them in person, or before you’ve bought something from them or their business.

You might be looking for proof that they are who they say they are, that they look trustworthy enough to connect with in person, that they have testimonials to prove their products or services work and do what they say they will.

Pulling out a smartphone or computer to accomplish this in a matter of seconds is a time saving technique that I use frequently. So how does this relate to you?

These new parameters make it easier to build consumer confidence and it can also level the playing field, but be warned, if there is a misalignment between what you portray offline and what you portray online, it’s likely prospective clients will run a mile. Doubt is enough justification for a prospective customer or client to go elsewhere without a second thought.

Aligning social media, email marketing and websites to your values, image and personal brand can be powerful tools that are used to connect with your audience and build and nurture relationships.

You know a client who feels a connection to you is far more likely to buy from you, bring you return business, and refer their friends, than one who does not. We understand this need better than our male counterparts (sorry guys) and can use it to our advantage to build a successful business model.

Creating a personal brand, that represents you, your business, and your values both online and offline is a key marketing strategy and you know what…it feels right in the pit of your gut to have it like this. You no longer have to pretend to be something you’re not in the different environments and modes you operate your business in. Life becomes simpler and so it should.

Transparency is the key. Today’s consumer is savvier than ever and creating an authentic image and personal brand is a key step in leveraging your marketing dollar.

So give yourself a checkup. Google yourself. What do you see? Does it represent who you are? You can’t change what is there already but you can start being your authentic best today. Grow those long-term relationships with your tribe, no one wants a one-night stand anymore, people want meaningful relationships.

Embrace who you are, your uniqueness is very valuable…no one else can copy it…this is what will make you STAND OUT from the noise and the crowd that surrounds us every day.

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