One way to become more memorable

“So, what do you do?” This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions when you meet someone for the very first time.

Not only are you scanned from head to toe…they also want an answer to THAT question!

I’ve always been challenged by titles and labeling. I’ve never wanted to be defined by just one thing…it feels awkward…like being stuffed into a tiny box with a satisfied “there you go, let’s keep it nice and easy for everyone” kind of way.

I have listened to Brene Brown say that she too, didn’t feel comfortable with a title so whenever asked “what do you do?” she would respond with “how long have you got?”.

It got me thinking…

When you have your own business you not only get to choose your title but you also get to choose how you describe yourself. For example when I’m asked “What do you do Leanne?” I confidently answer with “I help make people famous” which does some surprising things:

1. Sends people running in the opposite direction…FAST – oh yes, they don’t want to be around someone who’s a wee bit weird

2. Get’s people interested and they ask “how?”

3. Makes me more memorable

Number 3 is the one I love most. No matter whether someone runs for the hills or has hung in there to find out more, I’ve answered differently to 99.9% of all the other people they’ve met…which instantly makes me more memorable.

Whether you work for someone or you’re running the show, there are some really fun and innovative ways to describe what you do to be more memorable. Brainstorm some ideas around what solution you offer someone

For example a real estate agent might say “I make people’s dreams of owning their own home come true”…well I would certainly want to engage their services much more than I would when someone says “I’m a Real Estate Agent” (do you instantaneously think “so what!” in your head as well or is that just me?)

While this approach isn’t for everyone (note: if your goal is to fit in then you’ll want to avoid this at all costs) I highly recommend coming up with a new, more interesting way to describe yourself and what you do to engage with people for longer.

Make your interactions interesting and memorable. This is your opportunity to stand out. Lead the way. Be incredibly, authentically you.

So, tell me…what do you do? Put your answer below and if you need a helping hand, just ask and I shall be honoured to help make you famous!!

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