Passion versus Curiosity

Passion versus Curiosity. Now that’s interesting. I would have never put these two up against each other. As it turns out, following your curiosity can be just as fulfilling as following your passion. Good news for you if you’re on the search for your passion and don’t know what it is.

For many years I searched for my passion; behind desks, on top of mountains (metaphorically speaking), through speaking and working with others and it just wasn’t anywhere to be found. Talk about frustrating…where the hell was it hiding?

I tried so many things, traveled the ends of the earth and learnt everything I could to uncover this mysterious and elusive thing that other people had apparently so easily found. All I wanted was to find my passion so I could walk hand in hand with it and say “Come on Passion, let’s you and me go and change the world!”

It wasn’t until I had a momentous meltdown and began to connect the dots from my chequered past that the clouds parted. I saw clearly what I had been searching for all my life…yes it was there, right in front of my eyeballs. It turns out I’d always had it, I just hadn’t given it the time of day…I was too busy looking for it. What’s even more interesting is that it was my curiosity that drove me to find it. High five to curiosity!

In an article I read recently, author Elizabeth Gilbert, speaks out against passion. She says ‘if you don’t have one, it can feel cruel to hear the words ‘just follow your passion’ especially if you don’t know what it is…what are you supposed to do?

We can put immense pressure on ourselves in our search for a passion and all the while we are putting ourselves at risk of missing out on the magic of life. Passion can come and go, passion is a desire that’s hot and heady, but life doesn’t stop because you don’t have it.

Enter curiosity. Curiosity is our lifeline and the driving force that gets us exploring and experiencing new things. So why not forget about the frustration of finding your passion for a moment and release the pressure valve. Instead follow your curiosity, let it take the starring role, who knows what you might discover along the way…you might just stumble across your passion after all.

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