A Podiatrist or Spaceman? No it’s LinkedIn!

Is it a Podiatrist or a Spaceman? No it’s a LinkedIn profile photo!

Are you the cool, mysterious type with a fishing rod or perhaps you’re the bride who’s about to be whisked away by her new husband for a night of fun?

Is it any wonder we get confused about who you are and what you do when a quick search across LinkedIn show’s a Podiatrist dressed as a spaceman? Last I heard a Podiatrist was an expert in all matters relating to feet, ankles and lower extremities not an expert in what to wear to the moon.

As humourous as it sounds, it’s real, all you need to do is take 5 minutes to look around and you’ll see that the alignment between profile photos and what someone does is often more than a little skewed. Couple that with a profile that reads like a boring CV from 1990 and you could be forgiven for suddenly feeling like you’re losing the will to live.

LinkedIn is an amazing platform that enables us to engage with prospective clients, make great connections, market ourselves and our businesses and be found…for free unless of course you choose a paid option.

Your personal brand is the driving force that sets the foundation for any online presence. As with any branding exercise this involves knowing how LinkedIn (a marketing tool) will fit into your overall marketing strategy.

Connect the dots between your profile photo, great copy, your marketing strategy and personal brand and suddenly you have the ingredients to create quite the proposition to encourage people to connect with you.

People will be drawn to your authenticity and begin to trust you without even meeting you…imagine the consequences of this. Business growth, being head-hunted, or creating joint-ventures with like-minded businesses are just some of the opportunities, not to mention building credibility and your expert status in a particular field.

Review your profile and see what needs refreshing. Use it as an opportunity to re-launch your profile and remember if you’re the Podiatrist dressed as a Spaceman, let us see your face so that we can begin to trust you, before we fly to the moon to have our foot amputated!

Need help with your LinkedIn profile? Email me support@leannemulcahy.com to discuss how to leverage LinkedIn and get noticed for all the right reasons.

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