How to relax a busy brain

You know that feeling…when you’re busy…busy…busy doing all the doing…doing…doing and really not getting very far. It can feel exhausting.

If you’ve ever felt this way or feel this way at this very moment, I have a solution that will help.

It’s called getting back to the basics. 

What I love about going back to basics is that it’s easy and ‘BIG ANNOUNCEMENT’ you get to reap the rewards much faster than when you’re chasing your tail. In fact I’m going to go against everything you’ve possibly already heard about life being hard and you only get rewarded with hard slog…and swap it out for this…

Life is meant to be easy

Yup, big call huh!

I’d much rather put my energy and focus into knowing this with my whole heart than a myth someone created to make us feel inferior about not being able to do it all. What about you?

So, enough chat. I want to give you some very easy steps to take away and use every day so that you can relax and rest that busy brain of yours by getting back to the basics:

  1. Every morning before anyone else is awake, write everything that is on your mind in a journal. At least 3 pages and do it every day for 1 week to start, then 2 weeks, then 3 weeks, then 4…(you get the picture)
  2. Every day look for things that you appreciate, even when those things may feel challenging (if you’re a bit forgetful like I am, write them in a notebook)
  3. Repeat after me: Everything is always working out for me. Everything is OK. I am OK (keep going…you’re doing great!)
  4. An attitude of gratitude…yes you’ve likely heard it before but write those things you’ve been appreciating throughout your day in your journal each evening before you shut your eyes. This does one of two things, the more grateful you feel the less you concern yourself with the stuff that’s not going right and if you do this in the evening it starts to rewire your brain so that when you wake in the morning you can reach for something you are grateful and beat that damn to-do list to the start line.
  5. Chill…you’ve got this.

What do you do to help relax your busy brain? I’d love for you to share them below in the comments.

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