Skeletons in the Closet

Did you know that every piece of your past was meant to happen? That without it you wouldn’t be who you are now? If only someone had told me this I would have felt much more comfortable about exposing my boozy party girl label.

When I started my first business I was afraid to be too visible for fear that someone would call me on my fraudulent behaviour. On one hand I was a responsible mum and business woman and on the other I was a boozy party girl who was on the hunt for love.

I was afraid that someone might say “Ah excuse me, what do you think you’re doing here? Are you auditioning for a good girl role because we’ve heard all about you and we don’t think you’re a good fit for us. Please go away.”

So I kept quiet and stayed securely behind a computer so that no one or nothing could see me. When I launched my new business over 12 months ago, I knew that this wasn’t going to cut it any longer, There was only so much that could be done from behind a computer so rather than meekly turn up, I did what any crazy-arse would do, I wrote a book about it!

It dawned on me that without my experiences I would not be able to help women in the way I wanted to. I wanted to show them that I have imperfections but rather than criticise the heck out of myself, I’ve learnt to embraced who I am with all my heart. I wanted to help them see that regardless of their imperfections that they were in fact perfect, just as they are.

There is freedom in embracing who you really are.

We all have had experiences, even some we’d rather not dwell on for long, however these are the very things that shape who we are today.

Without these experiences who knows what you’re life would be right now. It’s an impossible question to even begin to consider I don’t believe you’ll do yourself any good by dwelling on it.

There is no such thing as a life filled solely with joy and happiness, we need to be able to experience contrast so that we can know what we don’t want.

I love to see women get excited about embracing who they are. When they let go of the expectations that they and others have of them and relax into themselves they discover a sense of freedom that they haven’t felt for a long time.

They begin to delve deeper and get comfortable with who they are right now, how they want to show up each day and how their life is going to be lived.

With this shift in mindset, it’s not only their style that moves into alignment with who they are but their life does too. They’re happier, healthier and more concerned about how they feel than what others think of them.

Here’s 3 questions that I’d love you to contemplate (while you’re relaxing of course!):

  1. What if you decided to feel good each day?
  2. What if you embraced your journey and decided that your experiences got you to where you are but they don’t define who you are?
  3. What if you decided to care about how you feel every single day?

Embrace your journey and your imperfections for these are the very things that helped you become you…there is nothing more perfect than that.

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