Stuck in a Rut

Stuck in a rut. It almost sounds like a nasty disease doesn’t it and for some it can be. It’s a common phenomenon, for women particularly, to feel like they are somehow stuck in the same old habit of doing what they have always done. It can feel dull and uninspiring.

Their age, weight, relationship, kids, career or business have been delegated the authority to determine how much time, money, care and love are made available to invest in themselves and at the crucial point of change, authority is revoked and their needs are put to the back of the queue. The underlying yearning to put themselves first and explore life more fully is curtailed until the next lot of feeling stuck comes up.

IF ONLY…and that’s when the list of excuses come.

On one side we have an inner-enforcer who slams us with guilt at the slightest mention of change and self-focus while on the other side is a driving force that says ‘Girl, it’s time to make a move before it’s too late’.

Our role as nurturer comes with a huge list of rules and regulations mostly made up by someone or something from our past. However, as we age and grow so does our curiosity and those long ago desires come to the forefront of our minds and we are often faced with a cross-road.

For the most part, being smothered in lashings of guilt puts a stop to any plans or dream to create something new and the life support plug is literally pulled out of the socket. We lather on the excuses ‘I don’t have the skills to do that’ or ‘I’ll just wait until the kids have left home’ or ‘I’ll just wait until I’ve lost that 10 kgs to justify the decision to stay exactly where we are…in the safe zone.

So why does it feel like such a struggle to stay stuck? Mostly the struggle comes from living out of alignment with our true selves. We want something different but it feels more comfortable to settle back into what we know is safe. We stay in the same place and shove down those feelings and thoughts of paying attention to ourselves to avoid discomfort.

But hold that thought for a second. What if you invested in yourself first without feelings of guilt and selfishness? Imagine what you could be and do. I’m not saying you should spend the household grocery money on some new clothes to make you feel good. I’m talking about showing up like you mean it. Valuing your time and place in the world by doing the things you love and surrounding yourself with the people that you most want to be around.

Next time you are hit over the head with the Inspiration Wand, don’t dismiss it, take it and nurture it, write it down and visualise how your life might just turn into the one that you’ve always dreamed of and do one thing to move towards it today. Find comfort outside of your safe zone and experience life through a fresh pair of eyes.

How have you gotten out of a rut? I’d love you to share what you did below in the comments!

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