Why we hate selling

We’ve all done it. Told a friend or two about an amazing product or service. We convince them try it for themselves and offer up our own experience as proof that this is an opportunity that they shouldn’t miss.

We not only want to share our experience but we also love to come up with solutions for people we care about and with no clue as to what we’ve just done…we’ve SOLD SOMEONE’S PRODUCT OR SERVICE.


Many people are aghast when I tell them that it’s called selling, especially when they’ve tried to convince me they HATE selling.

I understand this dilemma, I HATED selling so much so that when I started my first business I avoided talking about what I did…to anyone!

I prayed that by some magical force of nature the right people would find my website, love my stuff, fill up their shopping cart and everyone would live happily ever after.

It didn’t work. In fact I was forced to hitch up my britches and get out from behind my computer before I went bankrupt.

So why do we sell other people’s products and services with such ease (oh and ladies…you are especially good at it), yet when it comes to selling our own stuff it seems really hard?

I believe it is this:
When we recommend other people’s products or services we are unattached to the outcome and therefore do not feel personally rejected, if those people we’ve recommended to, do not buy.

Yet when we sell our own products or services, we take exception. We feel like we’ve been rejected when someone doesn’t buy our stuff. After all, putting your heart and soul into this!!

But here’s what I know to be true:

  • Someone’s ‘NO’ has got nothing to do with you and it’s got everything to do with them
  • Sometimes people don’t have enough information to make a decision
  • The timing is wrong…for them (i.e. it’s got nothing to do with you)
  • You don’t value your own products or services nor do you believe they can make an impact on someone’s life

Whatever you have to sell, you must know that it has value to someone else. You must know how it can change someone’s life.

A beauty therapist offering a facial offers a women the opportunity to take care of herself. A car salesperson offers the freedom to travel in comfort. A business coach offers fresh ideas and guidance to create wealth. A Photocopier Sales Professional offers easy ways to print books…and the list goes on and on and on.

So, if you’re a little caught up on the ‘selling thing’ try instead to focus on how you can be of service so it becomes more about your prospect or client and less about you.

AND if you want to share what you have to offer and what impact it has, I’d love to read your comments below.

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