The Power of Personal Style

IThe Power of Personal Stylet’s time I got real and honest with you (yes I know I do it all the time but still…I love to be honest and up front with you) because you’re my kind of woman.

I’ve spent a lifetime in the closet…no literally IN THE CLOSET…playing dress up and pretending to be someone else who was more fabulous than I was. Mostly it was my mum, someone famous or someone who triggered an “oh I wish I was more like her” desire.

But it led to despair. I used to dress up every day. I pretended to be someone I wasn’t because I didn’t believe I was worthy of being ME. It was exhausting!

Yet today is a very different story. I’m a free bird, wings spread and oftentimes waltzing around with no shoes on because it feels sooo good.

Don’t me wrong I LOVE clothes and shoes but my natural personal style is one that allows me to choose the things that are a true reflection of who I am…and some days LESS IS MORE if you get my drift.

Style filters it way into every aspect of our lives, not just clothes. When you next go to your desk, your kitchen, or your car see if you can identify a connective thread.

For example if you looked at my wardrobe, my car, my desk, my kitchen and my business they all have these things in common…they are well organised, simple (no frills), classic with a twist, functional and visually appealing. These are some of the most prominent aspects that reflect my personal style and they all feel good to me…like they fit.

This is the power of knowing your personal style. When your personal style is allowed access to all areas of your life, things just feel right, new opportunities open up, and more people are attracted to you.

So, now it’s your turn. Take a look around, do the things in your life truly reflect who you are or has your personal style been squeezed out to fit in with others expectations? Do a style audit and see if you can identify where you’ve been tolerating areas that don’t feel right and see if you can tweak them to align more with who you are.

I’d love for you to share your comments and some words that describe your personal style below and if you want more click here to register for my free webinar Discovering the Power of Personal Style

The Power of Personal Style

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