The Power of Taking Time Off

Tired? Grumpy? Out of sorts? Does life seem a little routine right now?

If you’re craving something but you’re not quite sure what it is, then it’s possible you might just need a break from your regular life.

If you’re anything like me you’ll have a great list of…let’s call them protests…that you can easily be spewed forth at the slightest mention of the word break, vacation, holiday, or time-off. What is it about us as women that we feel an overwhelming need to find excuses not to take care of ourselves and our sanity especially when life is busy?

So…professional business woman, let this act as a memory jogger for you…the power of taking a break or a vacation is vital to your well-being.  Taking break, whether they be big or small can set you up to succeed!

Below are 10 ways that you can spend some well deserved time off, boost your creativity and recharge your batteries:

  1. Take a break at home – if you’re short on time and budget, staying at home is a great way to have some time out without breaking the bank. Focus on doing the things you love rather than doing the routine chores
  2. Take a break on your own – it’s a great way to reconnect with yourself. It allows you the space to focus solely on you which can be a challenge to those of you who haven’t experienced a solo-break before but I recommend trying it, at least for one weekend a year and see the magic unfold
  3. Drive a different way to the office (if you don’t work at home that is) – it’s a simple way to break your usual habit and see some different scenery
  4. Take a break with your partner – spend time reconnecting and strengthening your relationship. Goodness knows we need all the help we can get when it comes to growing relationships with the ones who are closest to us – it’s the place where we can get the most complacent
  5. Plan an adventure holiday – if you they type of person who finds relaxation in being active there then an adventure holiday is for you, trekking, surfing, or just squeezing in a run or walk to discover your surroundings
  6. Schedule it – put your break into your plan just like you would any other event – make it immovable and guard like your life depends on it
  7. Girls’ Day Out – whether you want to relax in a spa for the day or you find relaxation in the art of shopping, do it. Get together with a group of friends, sisters or alone and spend the day doing something relaxing, fun and creative.
  8. If the thought of booking flights, accommodation, tours etc fills you with dread, then delegate it. We’re professional women, get someone who is good at it to do it for you – give them a good brief and trust that they will do a good job planning your vacation
  9. Experience the local environment – whether your break takes you to a different country or a different town, most places have something that makes them unique. Find it and try it. Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, it these things that create memories.
  10. Technology break – I left this one until last because if you’re like me, it’s a tough call to turn off all your electronic devices but trust me on this, it will let you see the world for what it is. It will make you take notice and capture images with your own eyes rather than through the lens of a camera while updating your posts on some social media platform.

Have fun, whatever you choose to do for however long you choose to do it, enjoy, relax or be active. Make your break about taking time out from your usual routine. It will allow you a chance to recharge your creative batteries and you may be surprised what new ideas or answers to nagging question come up.

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