What Hillary Clinton Knows About Style

Love her or hate her, Hillary Clinton knows a thing or two about style.

So what does it take to gain this type of trust? If she wins, she’ll be the first female President EVER!

How she looks is probably one of the most important things we can learn from Hillary. Over the years, she’s developed a powerful personal brand.

Trouser suits. Structure. Block colour. Its ‘serious’ style and that’s not by accident. Imagine if she stood in front of the world in a frilly pink dress (hmmm not sure they’d be ready for all that femininity in a leadership role).

As challenging as it may be to embrace, we are judged by how we present ourselves and Hillary needs you to know that she means business and that she’s bringing something different to the table…she’s also a woman.


Harpers Bazar showcased Hillary’s iconic style throughout the years highlighting the subtle softening of structure by adding a delicate necklace, rounded edges of the collar and a hair style that softly framing the face gives the impression that she’s in control but still approachable.


The Daily Mail compared Hillary’s style to the queen. Royalty or not, wearing the same colour from head to toe makes you appear taller and getting the length of a jacket right means that you can bring balance to short legs/long waist or long legs/short waist.

Even Hillary needs a little fun in her life. A less serious look with a layered necklace and less structured fabric as she shares a laugh on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

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