Oh that question ‘WHY?’ Three letters that can cause your insides to twist, your teeth to clench and the voices in your head to yell “because I said so that’s why!”.

On my recent trip back to my hometown, I spent time with my granddaughter. She’s 2.5 years old and in the midst of a curiosity rampage. My daughter proclaimed her new favourite question was “why?” and it was constant. Not just one ‘why’ but at least 4 in a row…if you were lucky.

I laughed knowingly and was intrigued to discover what this little girl was so curious about. It turns out she’s curious about everything. She wanted to know why I was having breakfast, why I was eating what I was eating, why I said what I said…just why!

I know that when I was raising my daughter I would not have been so patient. I would have fobbed her off with a lame response while I was busy spluttering around attempting to be a good mum.

Having a grandchild has opened my eyes to the wondrous creatures children are and the gifts they bring. I love their pace of life and being around her encourages me to slow down and see life through her eyes.

I was so excited by her curiosity that I embraced her ‘why’s’ wholeheartedly and in fact encouraged them (I hope her mum isn’t reading this haha!).

We are far too eager to just accept what is handed to us. We live in a world where convenience is queen of the castle and there is little time for questioning when there is so much to do.

However if we were to be open our minds and allow our natural curiosity to come forth, imagine what we would discover. Take a moment and just let your imagination run wild. Imagine being so interested in something that you asked your ‘why’ questions.

Why do I love my job?

Why do I love where I live?

Why do I love my reflection in the mirror?

Why do I love the taste of my morning coffee so much?

Why do I love who I am?

You may be thinking these aren’t the questions you’d start with on your curiosity journey, but I do love to shake things up a little and get you thinking in a different way, for when you start to explore the answers to these questions suddenly you want to being exploring. Suddenly you begin to make decisions based on your why.

For as long as I can remember I have been curious read Note to Self #18 of Notes to Self: On Style, Confidence and Loving Your Body to see what I mean. Everything intrigues me and I love to explore how I can use curiosity to enhance my life.

No longer do you need to accept “because that’s the way it is” as an appropriate answer. Dig deeper and be comfortable with wanting to discover more. Use your natural state of curiosity to help you make the best decisions for you.


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