Your Dominant Style

What’s your dominant style?

If you’ve never really thought about it, perhaps it’s time. Your dominant style can help alleviate those painful ‘I’ve got nothing to wear days’ in a heartbeat.

Think of your style as insight into who you truly are, like tapping into your intuition. How do you feel when you wear something? I bet that’s not a question you get asked or even think about too often.

However it’s likely you’re getting the cues when you’re plucking your pants out of your bum. The ‘geez these pant’s are uncomfortable, why did I choose these, nothing ever looks good on me, god I’m fat’ mantra hits you and off you go into a downward spiral.

So often we blame ourselves for our clothes not working for us, but what if we let ourselves off the hook for just a moment and instead see these clothes for what they really are…redundant.

Knowing your dominant style will allow you to select clothes that align with your inner self, clothes that work for you, feel right and have you feeling like you fit in your own skin. It’s what other people might call confidence.

Here are some questions you might ask to get you thinking about your dominant style:

  1. What’s important to you? (e.g. to have fun, to be comfortable, to get results fast, to be structured)
  2. How do you communicate with people? (Are you bold and ask for what you want, sensitive to others and take their feelings into consideration, controlled, or do you want a reaction from people?)
  3. Do you prefer polka dots, asymmetrical lines, rectangular shapes, curves?
  4. Are you fast-moving, light on your feet, flowing, posed?
  5. Are you an ideas person, highly sensitive, strong and passionate, logical and intellectual

Have you noticed that they’ve got nothing to do with clothes but everything to do with you and your personality. This is one of the magic ingredients to understanding your dominant style. It’s not what clothes suit your body as many would have you believe, but the things that authentically reflect who you are.

Whenever someone is confused by this I ask them to imagine an old Italian woman in her kitchen cooking up a storm, arms flailing and delivering orders in a tailored suit. It would not only look extremely unusual, it would likely drive her bonkers because her movements would be inhibited by the structured nature of her clothing.

Take a moment and think about who you are and what you love and let that simmer as you begin to uncover your dominant style. Who are you?