"How you show up in the world is one of the most powerful decisions you make each day"
~ Leanne Mulcahy

Leanne Mulcahy - Stand Out Women
Leanne Mulcahy Stand Out Women

Who is Leanne Mulcahy?

Leanne Mulcahy is an award-winning designer and Founder of Stand Out Women, a global community for women who are ready to live life on their own terms.

Her first book Notes to Self was released in 2015 and was a hit with women who connected with her story of overcoming severe shyness and lack of self-worth to have a business where she helps women have the life they really want.

With 13 years working in a variety of corporate environments, Leanne found her calling in business ownership 12 years ago. Her first business involved working with clients to uncover solutions to challenges that were preventing their businesses from growing and design a plan to take them to the next level.

In 2006 she created a new clothing brand where she designed and sold her designs through multiple channels including a retail store, online store and wholesale throughout New Zealand.

Her knowledge of customer experience, manufacturing, managing supply chain, marketing and brand awareness served her well and her clothing brand became sort after at a time when the industry was under pressure.

In 2012 she sold the business and took a break from entrepreneurship but it wasn't long before she was back in the game with a shift in focus.

She combined her business savvy brain, her personal wisdom and knowledge of the challenges women experience in business and in life to create Stand Out Women, a place where women could access the right guidance, support and inspiration to help them on their journey to designing and creating a life on their own terms.

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The Flip Side

Ah yes, there's always another side to the story. One that no-one really wants to talk about because it's much nicer if you can just see the finished product. But that's not how life goes and we all know it.

Leanne has had her share of ups and downs, from glorious business failures to single-handedly raising her daughter (and experiencing mummy guilt after forgetting to pick her up from school).

A misfit right from the start, she always knew she was different and it turned out she was right. However what she also discovered is that being a misfit isn't an unfortunate affliction, it's a gift that if nurtured, can support you and lead you to create a life that you never imagined possible.

She even wrote a book so you could laugh along with her as she unceremoniously falls from grace and brushes off her backside only to get right back up and carry on. Find out more here.


Leanne is also available for speaking engagements. Her signature talk Owning It! is for women who want more time, more energy and more fun in their lives.

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Here's what some people have said...
"Leanne is so funny, fresh and ‘real’. The way she related to each of us in the room was empathetic and peppered with great guidance." Alice Jenkinson – Print Company Ltd

“Leanne shared her journey from chronically shy 16 year old school leaver, to business entrepreneur, published author and someone who has ‘found her place’.   Her quote “How you show up in the world is one of the most powerful decisions you make every day” struck a chord with the audience and confirmed by the number of people queueing up to buy her book.  She communicated the importance of confidence in yourself and your abilities, and the value we each add to the world." Alison Badger, Bay of Plenty District Health Board