Episode 28: Cailen Ascher – Getting clear on business

Cailen Ascher finally landed on the business that was truly her…a business where she helps women entrepreneurs create 3-day workweeks, 6-figure years and a clear plan for success on their terms.

After a decade of serial entrepreneurial ventures that didn’t always work out, Cailen came to a transition point in her life. That transition point was right after the birth of her first daughter when she realised that her time with her daughter was so precious and she didn’t want to be away from her doing anything other than something she completely loved.

A couple of month’s later the idea of a Clarity Coach along with a vision of what her business would look like, came to her, and in 2015 she launched her new business.

Cailen has been featured in Business Insider, Entrepreneur on Fire, The Huffington Post and was the 2014 Gold Stevie Award winner for Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year. Her coaching and teachings have helped 1000’s of women gain Business Clarity and hit new business milestones, like landing their first (or next) high-end clients and making more money than ever before in their businesses.

At the time of this interview, Cailen was about to give birth to her second daughter and we have word that soon after we spoke, a beautiful, healthy little girl arrived!


Living life on your own terms means…

“Feeling expansive in everything I do. Not caring as much about what other people were thinking or how things should look and doing what feels right and trusting my intuition”
~ Cailen Ascher


Cailen’s Words of Wisdom

  1. Your journey has to align with your destination. If you look at your life and your business through that lens you’ll see pretty clearly where things need to be shifted.
  2. Consciously create space for what you desire. In order to draw in what we desire, we have to make space for it.
  3. Remember that transitioning from one thing to the next is not failure, it’s a necessary piece of your ongoing evolution and expansion.

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