Episode 14: Emma Lovell – How to get a baby to sleep on an aeroplane

“Something positive must always come out of something negative”

Emma Lovell - Stand Out RadioThese are the words Emma Lovell uses when she talks about the birth of Fly Babee, her company that produces the world’s first multipurpose popup sleep cover that fits onto any in-flight bassinet, baby pram or stroller to help baby sleep, distraction-free, for longer.

It all started when Emma and her newborn baby flew to the United Kingdom to visit her mum. It was on this trip Emma discovered her mum had a life-ending illness and she made the decision to spend as much time with her as possible. This meant flying between Australia and the United Kingdom numerous times. If you’ve done this long-haul flight from this side of the world, you’ll know that you feel like a trainwreck at the other end, so can you imagine how challenging it was with a newborn baby!

In this episode of Stand Out Radio, Emma tells us how, through frustration, she came up with an idea that is set to go global in 2017, just five short years after its inception. Her down-to-earth approach to jumping in boots and all and running a business while raising a family and maintaining a fun relationship with her husband are refreshingly honest and amusing (warning…we laugh a lot in this interview)

Emma shares her wisdom…

  • Things will always go wrong and you can’t control that. What you can control is how you can make it right again.
  • Make time to shut down technology and try to create balance by allocating blocks of time for work, family and the things that are important to you.
  • Be completely present with your children as opposed to straddling your job and motherhood at the same time.
  • Have great friends around you who understand that life gets in the way and your time is limited.
  • True success is not how many awards you have won, although it’s great to get that acknowledgement, but when your child tells their class they want to run your business when you’re too old to do it.

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