Episode 38: Colleen Darby – Making a difference with inspirational art

Colleen Darby wanted to be an artist her whole life but she was told ” you can’t make a living from that, you need to do something that you can make a living out of” so she went and got a job and put away her paint brushes.

In 2008 Colleen was working as a Marketing Director of a company and within a day her job was halved and so was her salary. At dinner that evening she made a declaration that she wanted to do something more with her art, give back to her community and do something in healthcare. The very next morning she received an email with a call for artists to work in a newly formed arts and healthcare programme. Within a few months, she was working as an artist in residence in the oncology ward to help patients and family members engage in the arts as a form of escape from the hospital setting.

In 2013, on her 50th birthday, Colleen launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of a series of 20 sunny landscapes paintings for medical facilities so that every patient could have a room with a veiw. Each painting is a sunny landscape with collage of inspirational words and messages so that the patient can go on an imaginary journey and escape into the painting.

Living Life On Your Own Terms

“Being able to do what I love and give back in some way” ~ Colleen Darby

Colleen shares her wisdom…
  • There’s so much negativity so try to stay focused on the good that you can do.
  • Use your talents to make the world a better place.
  • Be true to yourself, the message you have and the memories that you want people to have of you after you’ve gone.
  • When you live your life’s passion and give back in some way you begin to live a life with purpose.
Find out more about Colleen and her beautiful art here…
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