Episode 50: Elizabeth B. Crook, Author – Live Large: An Achievers Guide to What’s Next

"Don't compare your insides with someone else's outside"

Elizabeth B. Crook is the CEO of Orchard Advisors and author of the critically acclaimed book Live large: An Achievers Guide to What’s Next.

For the past twenty-plus years, Elizabeth has helped CEOs and entrepreneurs think and act strategically to grow their companies and have more fun and satisfaction in their lives.

She has shown countless individuals of all generations how to invent and reinvent themselves and she knows how to inspire people to gain a fresh sense of what they can accomplish in their lives, think about themselves with compassion, develop a sense of humour about their challenges, and ultimately take action.

In this episode, Elizabeth talks about how identifying and nurturing her core talent has been the reason for her success and why she is considered one of the world's thought-leaders and experts in her field.

Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul calls her ‘the real deal’ and there is no doubt that Elizabeth is exactly that.

Words of Wisdom

Don't compare your insides with someone else's outsides because you then go on to make up stories about others and how they've got it all together...but that's not true.


Know what energises you and embrace your talents.


Experiment and if you fail, just go and try something else. Perfect is the enemy of the good.


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Find Elizabeth on FacebookWebsiteand Robin’s book Live Large: An Achievers Guide to What's Next


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