Episode 68 – Elisha Watson, Nisa – Underwear with a conscience

Stand Out Radio - Episode 68 - Elisha Watson - Who's making your underwear?

“Living life on my terms means being able to think of something cool and immediately put it into action.”

Elisha Watson is a young woman who is changing the way we think about underwear. She left her corporate career as a litigation lawyer last year to create Nisa (Arabic for women), an underwear label with a conscience.

As a volunteer at the Red Cross helping resettle refugee families, she saw the very real struggle they experienced when it came to finding work that not only paid but gave them a sense of purpose.

Couple that with her passion for sewing and you’ve got yourself a social enterprise that’s about to take New Zealand and the world by storm.

Nisa is made for women by women from a refugee background. Elisha says that Nisa isn’t just about the product, it’s about providing an opportunity for these women to use their skills and feel a sense of belonging.

Women making underwear for women. It’s a novel concept given that men are usually involved in the design and marketing of underwear brands. If you’ve wondered why your underwear is uncomfortable…maybe this has something to do with it.

In this episode, Elisha tells of some of the challenges she faces with a brand new business and why she’s committed to making it work. She also talks about the diversity of models they use and how she’s moving from the airbrushed unattainable body image to one of realness.

Together we can so our support. Leave a comment for Elisha below or jump on over to www.nisa.co.nz and treat yourself to new underwear…you deserve it!

Nisa launches on 28 February 2018. Follow Nisa on Facebook and Instagram.

Words of Wisdom

Just start. Execute your ideas. People have a lot of time for you when you are already doing something.


Set boundaries for yourself.


Map out a plan rather than having it all stuck in your head.


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