Kirstin Harcourt – Women and Wellbeing Travel

Kirstin Harcourt was a successful travel specialist whose passion was to travel. But when she became pregnant with her first child she made the decision to give up her career and put her time and energy into raising a family.

17 years later, she experienced a real loss of self and took a wellbeing holiday to explore every area of her life and evaluate what it was that she wanted and who it was that she was becoming.

What transpired was an idea to create Women and Wellness Travel, a business that designs individual holidays and exclusive group retreats for women offering a range of relaxing, learning and wellness experiences. From wealth, refresh and renew to wellness and adventure…these retreats are all about reconnecting with who you really are.

Living life on your own terms means…

“Being able to incorporate those things that are important to me which is very much centered around my family and natural environments. Embracing everything that I am and taking those good points and enjoying them.” ~ Kirstin Harcourt

Wise Women’s Words

  1. Give yourself some ‘me-time’ and enjoy a temporary change of environment to really gain perspective in your life.
  2. Wellbeing is so much more than wellness and if you strive for balance in all areas, you’ll feel much happier and more abundant.
  3. Plan time for yourself each year to step back and think about what you want and want to explore further. Schedule that time in so you can make it happen.

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