Episode 23: Lauren Paris – An empowering and no-nonsense approach to dating

“Follow my heart and my own compass – that’s when knowing who I am and what I want comes easily” 

Friends always went to Lauren Paris for dating advice and it was their encouragement that caused her to create the blog Girl’s Gotta Eat.

Each week Lauren shares her no-nonsense and empowering approach to dating…it’s a refreshing change. She takes inspiration from her parents, her own dating adventures and from conversations sparked between her and her readers.

Lauren says “online dating has completely changed the game and has led to a disrespect between daters” and she wants to help people understand that if everyone is honest with each other about what they’re looking for and where they’re at, that’s when connection happens.

During this episode, Lauren shares so much wisdom with us along with a hilarious worst first date story that will have you crying with laughter! Don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell us what you thought of the show.

Words of Wisdom

Get in touch with who you are and what you’re looking for.

Date as many people as possible.

You’re in the driver’s seat. Change your focus from “will they like me” to “will I like them”.

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