Episode 31: Lisa King – Feeding children in poverty

In today’s episode of Stand out radio, I’m talking with Lisa King Founder of Eat My Lunch and winner of the 2016 Women of Influence award for Business and Enterprise.

Eat My Lunch is a business that has a huge social purpose at the core of everything they do. The concept is simple – each time you buy a lunch, a lunch is given to a child who would otherwise go to school without food.

It’s astounding to know that in New Zealand 28% of children are living in poverty.

This was the motivation behind Eat My Lunch which started in Lisa’s kitchen in June 2015. Lisa teamed up with one of New Zealand leading chefs, Michael Meredith, and neither of them had any idea of how fast the business would grow.

Initially, they thought they’d be making up to 50 lunches per day. Today they make over 2000 lunches per day which means they are giving about 7000 lunches per week to children in low decile schools in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington.

Lisa explains that Eat My Lunch is a vehicle that allows people to give back. Whether they buy a lunch or whether they are 1 of the 2500 volunteers who have helped to make lunches and deliveries to schools.

Lisa is a wonderful example of a woman who had an idea, took a leap of faith and put her heart and soul into creating a business that is making a huge impact while also giving others the opportunity to be a part of it.

Living life on your own terms means…

“Knowing that I have the confidence to do this on my own and set my own path”
Lisa King, Eat My Lunch


Lisa’s Words of Wisdom

  1. Have the courage to take that leap of faith.
  2. Go out there and do what you want – take action.
  3. Live life like each day is your last right now.

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