Episode 19: Sarah Kelly – The business of saying ‘I Do’

Sarah Kelly The Wedding Toolbox - PodcastHer family made fun of her for always having a checklist, but it was these checklists that started what is now a successful business for Sarah Kelly, Creator and Owner of The Wedding Toolbox.

The business started as an idea and when Sarah had her son Jack, she knew it was the perfect time to turn that idea into reality. What she didn’t realise was how fast her business would grow. In five years and 3 children later, Sarah has helped hundreds of clients have stress-free weddings.

She’s also a licensed Marriage Celebrant and has created an event, The Wedding Toolbox Garage Sale, where past-brides sell their items to new brides and it attracts hundreds of people each year.

From the bridal party being stopped by Police on their way to the ceremony to bonnets flying up on cars, Sarah’s seen it all, but nothing seems to phase her as she tells me it’s up to her to be calm for everyone and to make sure they remember what this special day is actually about.

Sarah’s Words of Wisdom…

  • Know how much you can take on and understand what your limit is. You can’t do everything and you can’t be superwoman.
  • Work out your balance in life. Make sure you’re not taking on too much. That way, what you do decide to take on, you can really give your all to.
  • Always have a really positive attitude towards your clients and everyone you are working with. You never know when you’re going to come across those people again in life.
  • Change is scary but you just have to throw yourself into it even if you’re unsure of whether it will work or not.

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