Episode 9: Sarah Lajeunesse – What to do when others don’t get it

Sarah Lajeunesse - Stand Out Radio

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As a young teen, Sarah Lajeunesse knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up. She was well on her way to success, her career was her sole focus and at the time, everything else took a back seat. She believed the more she did and the busier she was, the faster success would come.

Working 70+ hours per week, Sarah knew she needed some balance in her life and that’s when she attended a yoga class. It was this class that changed Sarah’s life. She collapsed.

Fast forward to today, Sarah is a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach and works with women to guide and support them to move out of stress, overwhelm and uncertainty, and into lives they absolutely adore.

In this episode of Stand Out Radio, we talk about everything that comes up when making significant changes in your life…including how to stand on solid ground when others ‘just don’t get it’.

Sarah’s 3 Pieces of Wisdom…

  • Get clear on what you want your life to look like. Map out everything that is important to you from relationships, health, family, career, intellectual to spiritual.
  • Take stock of what is your reality right now and then think about what you have to do to achieve what you mapped out above. Create action steps and hold yourself accountable.
  • Make amends with your past and forgive yourself.
  • Sarah’s bonus piece of wisdom (because I lost count) is only when you start loving yourself from the inside out will everything begin to fall into place.

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