Praise - Leanne Mulcahy

The session with Leanne was extremely useful in helping us clarify our thinking and provide direction on how best to drive our business forward in the new environment we are working to establish ourselves in.  Her suggestions and comments have given us new ideas, energy and paths to pursue in working to make our business flourish.  We would highly recommend Leanne to anyone looking to enhance their business and take it to the next level.
~ Arend & Annabel Renting, Harcourts Real Estate

Thanks so much for all that you did. Your listening ear and interpretation of where I was at was incredibly insightful. I sure wasn't expecting to gain from my time with you, all that I did.
~ Emma 

Thank you, thank you, and thank you to the ‘wonder’ woman (Leanne) who listened to my thoughts/concerns/fears and gave a truly customised action plan. You gave me back my self-understanding and worth.  Since our VIP Session, the next day actually, I picked up two new, lovely, big clients and it has been a constant uplift since.
~ Margi Hart – Hart Works, Insurance Specialist

Leanne is so funny, fresh and ‘real’. The way she related to each of us in the room was empathetic and peppered with great guidance.
~ Alice Jenkinson - Print Company Ltd

Leanne, I think I love you! You've done exactly what I have been wanting someone to do.
~ Adrienne Mikkelsen - Property InDepth Ltd

It was a fab night thanks so much, you are very inspirational!
~ Cindy Hammond, Lollipops Educare

I had a lovely time at the session with Leanne last night and it was great to be among a group of women that all attended for the same purpose. Leanne showed us that with a change in mind-set we can turn things around for ourselves and having a personal signature style is rewarding and achievable.
~ Kathy

Leanne is an advertisement as someone who themselves has been there and understands. Leanne prompted me to get back on track, rediscover my creatively and live and present myself the way I want too in my business. Leanne I thank you, you are truly an inspiration.
Maria Palmer - Absolute Accounting Ltd

Thank you for the wonderful Notes to Self cards. I'm giving them to a friend for helping me and I know she will love them. I've been sharing the knowledge you have given me and thank you for the magic you share with all us.
~ Nellie

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to such a successful night. We have had very positive feedback and hope that you enjoyed the night as much as many people did. Thanks for coming along and making this night possible, the funds raised will be greatly appreciated.
Teresa McMenamin, Zonta

Leanne shared her journey from chronically shy 16 year old school leaver, to business entrepreneur, published author and someone who has ‘found her place’. Her quote “How you show up in the world is one of the most powerful decisions you make every day” struck a chord with the audience and confirmed by the number of people who queued up to buy her book.  She communicated the importance of confidence in yourself and your abilities, and the value each person brings to both their individual role and the organisation as a whole.
~ Alison Badger, BOP District Health Board

Being in room with other ladies whom have the same concerns and questions as I did about image and expectations was awesome. You made us feel very comfortable to interact with not only you but also Marie.
~ Louise

It was lovely to spend some time being creative with other like minded women in an open, trusting and relaxed environment so thank you for giving us the space and opportunity to do that.
~ Dianne MacFarlane

I was thinking of you earlier this week as I took a dozen supermarket bags of clothes from my wardrobe to the Hospice Shop. The de-cluttering and sorting has started! Thank you for your kindness in meeting me and encouraging change.
~ Anne

Love the Signature Look Guide and the Pinterest Board. Amazing!!!! Have cleaned out the wardrobe & drawers and it feels so much better.
~ Lesley