It's Your Time To Thrive!

As we journey through life we transform and evolve and that's also the time we get wobbly about what it is we want and whether we can actually have it.

You are unique. Exceptionally so. There is no one on earth exactly like you and there will never be.

It can feel lonely to face decisions on your own. Friends are great but are often unable to distance themselves from the emotional connection to you or their own opinions, judgements, and fears.

What if you had a trusted guide to help you discover or rediscover what's next for you. Someone who showed you how to easily make decisions and feel confident that you know what you want?

Whether it's one session or a series of sessions, you'll have support and guidance for as long as you need. Together we'll work through the things that are keeping you stuck and create a practical plan of action to take away overwhelm you may be feeling and I'll be there to gently help you to stay focused and readjust as you need.

The beauty of Thrive Sessions...

  • You choose if you want one session or more (there is no's completely up to you)
  • We spend 45 minutes together at each session (easy to fit into your day)
  • A simple Inspired Action Plan (to help keep you on track but simple enough to cause no more overwhelm)
  • Each session is done via Zoom and is recorded so you can refer to it at any time (and there's no need to travel)



"Leanne gave me the courage to realise everything I needed, wanted and already had was at my fingertips!  Sometimes just a simple conversation can change everything! I feel much more excited and positive about my career and life goals. She was just the calming voice I desperately needed to speak to, & reassured me life IS going in the right direction, even though I was feeling the complete opposite.  I had never felt so stuck." Niki 


"I just wanted to say a big thanks for the support. I have been looking at some of that stuff around my self-confidence and sense of overwhelm. I have now broken it down into little steps and a big part is knowing you are there to help with all the stuff I don't know about." Sue 


"Thanks so much for all that you did. Your listening ear and interpretation of where I was at was incredibly insightful. I sure wasn't expecting to gain from my time with you, all that I did." Emma

1 x Thrive Session

  • 1 x 45 session call
  • Your session is recorded using Zoom
  • Inspired Action Plan

5 x Thrive Sessions

  • SAVE $30.00
  • 5 x 45 minute sessions
  • Each session is recorded using Zoom
  • Inspired Action Plan for each session
  • Weekly Payment Plan available on request*

10 x Thrive Sessions

  • BEST VALUE - SAVE $100.00
  • 10 x 45 minute sessions
  • Each session is recorded using Zoom
  • Inspired Action Plan for each session
  • Receive a FREE copy of Leanne's book Imperfectly Perfect
  • Weekly Payment Plan available on request*

*If you'd like to take advantage of our Weekly Payment Plans, please contact us and we'll send you everything you need to get started.