Get Clear and Get Going Session

The Get Clear and Get Going Session is specifically designed for women who feel unsure of where they're heading or what they want and need a simple plan that will help them feel confident, clear and back on track.

The Get Clear and Get Going Session offers you the support and space you need to focus on an area of your life where you may be feeling stuck, frustrated or confused about. Sometimes a listening ear and an open mind are what is required for you to discover what it really is that you want.

Maybe you'd like to change your career, start or reinvigorate your business, perhaps you want better relationships, health or finances, or maybe you want to reconnect with who you really are?

The Get Clear and Get Going Session is a quick way gain clarity and see a way forward while feeling supported.

Stand Out Women - Thrive

Benefits for you...

  • A quick and easy way to get support
  • An hour with an experienced coach to help identify any blocks and ways to move forward while feeling supported
  • A simple 3-step plan of inspired action
  • Over the phone or Zoom session (there's no need to travel)

You'll get...

  • A quick questionnaire prior to the session to get you thinking about what it is you want and why
  • I'll review your questionnaire prior to our session
  • Clarity and an easy to follow plan to help you move forward
  • Cost effective ($129.50 credit card or $125 internet banking)